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Josefina Posch...

Josefina Posch

First solo project in Sweden - The exhibition continues until the 13th of December 2009 and is open Tuesday-Sunday 12-16 Bergrummet/Konstepidemin Göteborg , Sweden “In My Secret Life – Hibernation” Act I Scene 1-3 The installation in Bergrummet is the first part of Josefina Posch’s newest body of work “In My Secret Life” who lends it’s structure from operas use of multimedia and it’s composition of acts and scenes. In this first act we are confronted by a state of winter hibernation. The space becomes a baroque, surreal, Carrollesk under-world where time is passing but at the same time seems to stand still. An inner spiritual paradox between the dead still of the hibernation, the recovery and the frustration that time is short. The hibernation as a natural reoccurring state or as a necessary but involuntary result from trauma? The focus lays on what actually is in time and space, right now and mixes sound, sculpture, lights and smells to create an illusion of a working machinery. The title “In My Secret Life” comes from the Leonard Cohen song from 2001 with the same name.

After receiving her BFA in San Francisco Josefina Posch has exhibited internationally; from museum work in Valencia, Spain, residencies in Miami Beach, Shanghai, New York, Cittadellarte/Biella Italy, an invitation to be a guest atist at Valand School of Fine Arts finally brought her back to her birth city of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Selection of her exhibitions are the art in public spaces Migration Addicts event Venice Biennal 2007, Roda Sten, Gothenburg, Sweden, Mogadishni Gallery, Copenhagen Denmark, Duolun MoMA Shanghai, Zendai MoMA Shanghai, National Museum of Fine Art, Havanna, Cuba, Art League Houston, TX, San Francisco Art Institute Hoover show, Berkley Art center, CA, The Moore Space Miami, Spinello Gallery Miami my videos have been shown at Moca North Miami, Southern exposure San Francisco, Boothlab Gallery Berlin and more....
Josefina is the recipient of several grants Foundation for Contemporary Arts, NY, Dena Foundation Paris-New York, Artist Access Grant Miami, Leo Chestler Foundation Miami, Arnulfska Foundation, Sweden, O and C Mannerheim Foundation.

Text from Josefina´s website.

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