Sunday, November 22, 2009

Märta Mattsson (2)...

Märta Mattssons working process and what’s come up from the workshop at KOUR3 week.

Märta used for an example a pig nose, a real once that she found in a pet shop in Imatra, she used chockopops, I’m not sure if that is the right name of these brown things that you can eat for breakfast… small white sugar pearl from the supermarket and a porcelain reindeer etc.

I think it was funny idea and also a very funny result with a bitter undertone to use a pig nose in these days when the svineflue affect us all in one way or another, in Sweden the mass media painted out an awful scenario about what’s happened IF you don’t take the vaccine against this "killing" or agressive virus.
It isn’t what you first think it is… that is what makes it interesting.
As myself, Marta leaved her things in Imatra after the workshop was done, I know that Jorge Manilla get this green pig nose.

For me it’s interesting to use everyday life objects and transform it into new a context of a jewellery piece and that are more or less the same way Märta also are doing, to high up chockopops into jewellery art, it hard to understand that it could be eaten up, if you want.

Märta is a very girly girly person at the first look. But if you learn to know her, it’s a lovely deep person with a lot of thoughts who touch you (or at least me).
A funny person who isn’t afraid to serve up of her self,
(Now my English isn’t the best, I hope you understand what I try to say.)

Märta likes to play with the outside and I admire her for that, in this times when the outside/the output is the first impression and also our first thoughts about a person…

I had been a big fan of Märtas jewellery pieces before I meet her and now I’m a big fan of her as a person too. I like her happy way of seeing and acting in the world. It’s is a glossy outside, BUT the inside is very distinct, clear thoughts of what she want.

Lisa Björke and Märta Mattsson is close friend and for me it isn’t hard to understand that, they complemented each other and have fun together and it is also possible to feel that they trust each other in a good way.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to be in the same workshop and “hotel” with these two wonderful girls and learn to know them.
I admire their work and as persons they are wonderful!!!
I hope that we will have contact later on, I think we fits together very well as jewellery colleges.

Good luck with everything and see you later!!!

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