Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nina Zetterquist...

Nina Zetterquist

I really really LIKE Nina’s small strange insects, I hope that I one day will be an owner to one of these once.

Nina was very generous to talk about her things, her art pieces, but in a way that’s my feeling for the whole Konstepidemin area, that the artists up there are really nice, kindly and also very generous to share what they are doing and why… I think that all the artist up there (that I have meet…) are safe with their own art, they know what they are doing, more or less and they aren’t afraid that other should “steal” their ideas… IF that happens, “everyone” knows who was the first to make it and the one who copy it, is boiled for the rest of their life…
To work with art is to create by your self, to be inspired is one thing, but to copy is something else… I don’t think that artist has the need to copy anyway, they have so much own ideas so that is not a possibility at all… its wannabes, who could copy… my opinion, off course.

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