Monday, October 26, 2015

last weekend in Malmö... -Sunday

 Start our day with a delicious porridge breakfast...

 On our way to Louisiana by train from Malmö, a coffee stop on the road, almost at the museum.

 Is not it amazing that we trust each other ?! Here is someone who sells jams for self-service by the way. I love this kind of trust!

The first time I have been to Louisiana and had to stand in line to get into ... the same thing it was well inside the museum exhibition, many queues were there during the day.

 Photo from the permanent exhibition, always beautiful to see this trampilin the horizon.


During infinity exhibition of Yayoi Kusama, I went into some kind of happy childhood, it was / is so overwhelming to walk around and take part in this amount, a range on the border of...

I who am a maximalist has been difficult to stop me with the camera, for what you are experiencing at the moment, I would love to freeze for ever, to always have with me the colorful sense of infinity.

But clearly, that my measure of maximalism get a blow in comparison with this giant in the right maximalism!

The old lady is 86 and has produced these images for years!
Praise and hat of the in my opinion best artists ever.

Chocolate, licorice meringue was probably the best cake I have ever eaten!
Sjukt god! As I had said it in Swedish.

Energy replenishment after going around and experience and experienced again ... so many impressions and then we just have so far seen an exhibition of three great exhibitions at Louisiana.

Photo from the permanent exhibition, the Giacometti room, so in itself is so quiet and beautiful.

A very interesting exhibition on Africa. Architecture, culture, indentity.

I´m very happy that I got the opportunity to share even this exhibition, Africa with the art, history, etc. interest me.

Floating schools, innovative, good and perhaps a long-term solution ...

Very interesting images made by Lucian Freud, lovely unexpected angles and cruel painting. Took no photos of this ...

Before we took the train back to Sweden so we took a walk in the nice park.

I am so pleased with the whole day, all exhibits, primarily Yayoi Kusamas exhibition, an exhibition, I looked forward to the autumn and now I have finally been there, studied, inspired and been pleasantly filled with colors, variety and joy, peace and love!

My wish and hope is that Yayoi Kusama will be healthy and maintain health for many years to create, and make the rest of us happy and wondrous. all love to you Yayoi Kusama!!!

Ending the day in a glittery bird in a bright garland.

 And a worthy concluded beer, worth every drop out of the bottle, very good!

Thanks Josefin for a nice day!

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