Monday, October 26, 2015

last week"end" in Malmö... -Monday

The weather is with us, awoke to a beautiful sunny and crisp autumn day.

Our goal today was to visit Yallatrappan, as we have seen on TV and been impressed by. Yallatrappan located in Rosengård, Zlatan Ibrahimovic old quarter...

Just as nice and good as I imagined it all, somewhat smaller place, but it was only in the positive direction, cozy!

Monday and beautiful! So happy and so surprised that the housing company had a large fine workhorse collected garbage in the area, so crazy good, so wonderful and so back to when I was little and was at grandmother and grandfather and their neighbor came driving horse and carriage. The sound of hooves and the smell, which is fine elements in the public sphere.

This horse experiences made me happy all day!

I was pleasantly surprised by the Rosengård (the small part I saw of it) after having seen so much crap from this area on television and the news so it was a completely different atmosphere, renthet and emotion that greeted me.
It was so nice that they put up pictures of building facades with männisor and various dishes, these fine domes which adorned the square and shops with interesting content. I'm always curious as to what can be found in these shops that are anything but the Hemköp and Willys type (our food chains).

After Yalla Steps and Rosengård and our nice moment where we took the bus down to the town.
I had the goal to find a pair of shoes, my favorite shoes are worn out and I know that Malmö has nice shops with the shoes I want. Unfortunately, there were only a few remaining in size 37, and purple in addition, so tji shoes on this trip.

But I found a lot of other nice shoes that were sculptures by a bridge!

Such beautiful...

Different angles from the town, up and down ...

Eva Hilds sculpture...

Up and down..

One last ice cream, ice cream certainly last for this year at the central station in Malmö, on the way home after incredibly beautiful and inspiring and good days!

Bye for now!


Joanne Haywood said...

Love the shoe sculptures!

paula lindblom said...

Yes, aren´t they lovely!