Monday, January 4, 2016

my desire was another...

I had in mind to start the year of blogging about Christmas, a green Christmas was this year, the snow did not materialize ... but with family and friends do not worry, warmth and Christmas spirit comes from the holding of.

My intuition was to cheer in the new year, hoping for a far better year than the year that has passed, a year that has been very sad and heavy in many ways, purely personal.

But four days into the new year, it happens that I and many others do not feel the joy and progress in, Sweden, Denmark, starts putting up fences and controls all who travel in and out of our countries. I personally think this is a black day, a day I am ashamed extra to be a part of, a malaise, a chest pressure that we accept this happens.
I do not know how I can act or make for this to change shape.

Anyway, I really liked another starting this year, starting with acceptanc, welcomed and understanding.

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