Sunday, November 21, 2010

the weekend…

The weekend started with a snow and then it turn into a slurry mess.

Me and my fiend Mariann was down to the flea market, Kommersen.

I did some findings that I’m very happy for, it was a plastic necklace from the 60s and some amazing miniature, flat plastic figures it was 40 of them, good to have in my jewellery pieces later on…

Then we went to Redford a small Indian restaurant with delicious food, it was like going to India for some hours and that’s a good feeling when it’s snowy, slurry and a little bite cold and grey outside.

Now it’s almost the end of November and I have been working the whole weeks since August, my own jewellery work has been suffered and that is a little bite pity, but I’m a person who tries to do my best, more then 100% if it’s possible… IF I’m working for money I do it as best I can, IF I’m working with my jewellery pieces and ideas I try to do it as best I can and take responsibility for the coming up results, when I meet friends I try my best to be there with all my sense, IF I exercise I try to do my absolute best the get the exhausted feeling I can… That’s a way of living, to take care of the time and be good/present for the moment, which is also a statement that I decide me for, long time ago and I try my best to live as I learn, so to speak. Even when I take it easy I do it as it was 100% slow time…I try to get my energy and power from my view of being curios about things, happenings and people in my surroundings.

So as you can see at my blog, it’s not much new under the jewellery sun, but the time will come, I know and I can promise that, I have a lot of ideas and a lot of material that I need to take care of.

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