Monday, November 15, 2010

nothing new under the winter sun… or?!

Yesterday Mona Sahlin decides to leave her position as party chairman for the social democracy party, what a flop!
First we vote for a red-green collaboration and then they split right after the election, then the Green Party get to the right, with a lot of displeased voters… My wonder was, why didn’t they try to get together for four year and see what’s happen, as I know Rome doesn’t built on one day and in my opinion it’s the same with politic, if you want to change something you have to built it up and see what’s come out of it, you just can’t end it suddenly.
My wish was that the social democracy party, the Green Party and the left-wing party started something new, something that take care of the common people, the once that struggle to get their life in order with work and economic, health insurance, day care centre and unemployment benefits… Now they leave it as a mess and its pity for a country as Sweden that has long folkway of taking care of their citizen and people from other countries who seek a place to stay in peace and quiet.

Is it hard for the government to understand that some of us citizen despair?!

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