Sunday, November 7, 2010

irl… in real life...

A lovely sunny autumn day with lovely sparkle happy friends and colleges.

Märta Mattsson and Lisa Björke, I meet and learn to know these two when I was in Imatra, Finland and KORU3 last year.

Always nice to meet them and have a small talk about life and jewellery art and what’s coming up…
Watch up world, we will do some collaboration later on… I think that could be interesting and very very fun too, we as Karin Jonsson write in her blog about her and a college of her;
“språket är det samma men vi uttalar det olika” =
“the language is the same but we pronounce it different” that’s precisely the same as in our way/work I think, we work similar but also very far from each other, same same, so to speak.

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