Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Noovo Editions...


" I have always been fascinated by “recycling” or reusage, to make new use of everyday things. To transform, to put in a different context. As Pippi Longstocking says: Finders keepers. That is how I relate to reuse and jewellery. What I find both at home, in nature - in the form of waste or other natural materials - and at flea markets, forms the base for my attitude to resident shapes and expressions. I want the original material and its shape to be visible, first to appear as a piece of jewellery, but by a closer look to come out as things of everyday life …" Paula Lindblom.

Now you can see some of my jewellery at Noovo Editions, finally I am represent there and I felt happy for it.

Noovo Editions is an independent editorial project with online and paper editions. First of its kind in Spain from an unique and contemporary perspective on the international panorama, Noovo seeks not only to be an aesthetic arbiter but also a cultural mediator at the juncture between Fashion, Photography & Jewellery. A platform to show the highest level of creativity from around the world

Noovo has a virtual space completely devoted to the univers of Fashion, Photography and Jewellery from a unique and exclusively contemporary perspective: a sensory luxury through its own protagonists. Provided with a marked interdisciplinary character, its conception and contents corresponds its approaches such disciplines as cultural and clearly artistic phenomena.

Fashion, Photography & Jewellery linked in an interactive dialectics of these three forms of creation which progressively become stronger. With a deep effort to consolidate the alternative creation in its most fiercely up-to-date but also timeless aspect in its deepest artistic value.

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Joanne Haywood said...

Congratulations Paula!

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