Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday I was with my Neighbour Viola to the Kviberg market, a place that I appreciate a lot, it’s like transportation into another country far far away, the sounds the smells take you miles away even if we just went to the other end of the city.

First we had the stop at Kivibergs market and there we have my favourite cake, prinssess tårta/ princess cake and coffee, then we took the car to Kvibers överskottslager, there they sell a lot of different things mostly from the Swedish army…
After that we stopped by at the supermarket for some cheap food, I bought a lot of bulgur, that my thing these days.

Our plans was to visit the photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallins exhibition Jerusalem at Världskulturmuseet but it was the first public day and it was a long queue outdoors so we jump that idea and will visit it some other day. I like the Ecce Homo exhibition 10-12 years ago so I look forward to see the latest exhibition by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallins.

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