Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visual Art by the Human Body...

Visual Art by the Human Body

I got photos from this group by chain e-mail…. I search at internet to see more or find out more about the artist behind this beautiful art pieces, unlucky it wasn’t so much I come up with, I found a link to the site there you can see more beautiful human flowers.

I like this kind of photomontage, it is very very beautiful but also worth considering about that we all are integrated in the world and the nature and that we can’t stand beside and look what’s happen, we have to take care and act, be a part of the nature and our closes surroundings.

A nice or a beautiful photo, picture, painting or jewellery art piece could have a deeper meaning IF you take your time and add it into modern age. You have to take your time and look behind the surfaces sometimes, the surface are not always the primary thought.

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