Sunday, November 28, 2010

culture/Christmas feeling Saturday at Konstepidemin…

Saturday a day full of niceness with two of my friends, Anita and Malin and a lot of other friends that we run into up at my favourite place Konstepidemin, the Christmas market, the first Christmas market for me this year and a good one with a lot of open studios in the area, there you could meet the artist behind the art and crafts.

We visit the Hnoss gallery first, Klara Brynge was there and she had done a lot of lovely and interesting works I think…

Then we stopped by at Berti Jonsviks place, always nice to see Berit, she’s a nice person that I appreciate a lot, we had a nice talk about the identity, I am a little bite stressed about that I work for money and that I don’t have the energy or the power to do my own things right now, it’s a little bite like losing my artist identity when I doing others things and not my own stuff. It’s good to meet friends and colleges that can remind me of my artistry, even if I doing other things for awhile it don’t infer that I’m out of “business”.

Fika time, one of my absolutely favourite chores. When you have a fika/coffe break you almost come up with a lot of interesting things, one things lead you to another… you can see it as an informal meeting.
We had the luck to have some music too.

Ami Lanmark and her 1000 bowls was the next thing to see, Ami Lanmark was showing her ceramic bowls at the gallery of Konstepidemin. The idea behind is (simplify) that you have a piece of clay and then you have the opportunity to do a nice or a bed bowl out of it, the idea is how we choose to look at it… It was a lot of nice pieces, but the most interesting I think was the value…

Karin Östbergs ceramic made us stay a long time and choose some pieces to buy and take with us from this day.
I love the patterns and the shapes of Karins art pieces and now I’m a owner of five small pieces, hanging on my wall.
There we had glögg and “pluppar” not pepperkakor/gingerbread….

Bibbi Forsman was one of the last one we visit, a nice meeting with a cup of coffee and a small talk in her studio.

We also stopped by at Elisabet Erikssons studio and also Kerstin Åsling-Sundberg and Lena Rydén.

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