Sunday, October 17, 2010


Once again my dear visitors and friends, I have reach a new level, 44 000 visitors, that isn’t bad I think!

Thank you very much for follow my life from fika times with friends, at a walk, my art, my creativity, my inspiration among a lot of great good artist around the world and things that going on in Gothenburg and in other parts of the world as well.

Without any visitors this would be like throwing beads for the pigs or as we say in Sweden; Kasta pärlor för svinen or Eldar för kråkorna…
That means that you waist your time…and I have to say that my life aren’t so extensive, but I think it is more or less as ordinary it could be in an interesting way, you never know what will show up…or?!

Some of the places that you come from, I don’t have no clue where it is and that is interesting I think, it feels like we are all the same in the cyber space, an own big society without limits or boarders and that a new and interesting develop I think, world or cyber space citizens.

One of all the counties or places that I miss and that I’m really interesting at/in is Greenland… My coming up plans and dreams is to visit Greenland, so IF someone knows someone there, please give me a hint!

Sweden (SE) 1,747
United States (US) 1,646
United Kingdom (GB) 889
Spain (ES) 456
Germany (DE) 308
Australia (AU) 259
Estonia (EE) 257
Netherlands (NL) 253
Norway (NO) 226
Canada (CA) 195
France (FR) 174
Poland (PL) 172
Belgium (BE) 163
Italy (IT) 129
Denmark (DK) 119
Argentina (AR) 117
New Zealand (NZ) 103
Brazil (BR) 96
Finland (FI) 90
Portugal (PT) 77
Japan (JP) 76
India (IN) 76
Luxembourg (LU) 72
Switzerland (CH) 63
Mexico (MX) 59
Taiwan (TW) 54
Greece (GR) 52
Turkey (TR) 47
Austria (AT) 46
Ireland (IE) 39
Chile (CL) 39
Russian Federation (RU) 36
Thailand (TH) 36
Israel (IL) 35
Lithuania (LT) 33
Korea, Republic of (KR) 33
South Africa (ZA) 23
Malaysia (MY) 22
Colombia (CO) 22
Philippines (PH) 21
Czech Republic (CZ) 20
Croatia (HR) 19
Hungary (HU) 19
Romania (RO) 19
Ukraine (UA) 17
Slovakia (SK) 16
Singapore (SG) 14
Bulgaria (BG) 13
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 11
United Arab Emirates (AE) 11
Slovenia (SI) 11
Serbia (RS) 11
Hong Kong (HK) 11
Uruguay (UY) 9
Indonesia (ID) 9
Macedonia (MK) 9
Venezuela (VE) 8
Latvia (LV) 8
Morocco (MA) 7
Egypt (EG) 7
Iceland (IS) 6
Pakistan (PK) 6
Saudi Arabia (SA) 6
Peru (PE) 5
Senegal (SN) 5
Puerto Rico (PR) 4
Palestinian Territory (PS) 4
Costa Rica (CR) 4
Nigeria (NG) 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) 3
Armenia (AM) 3
Ghana (GH) 3
Jordan (JO) 3
Aland Islands (AX) 3
Bangladesh (BD) 2
Cote D'Ivoire (CI) 2
San Marino (SM) 2
Benin (BJ) 2
Qatar (QA) 2
Cyprus (CY) 2
Vietnam (VN) 2
Faroe Islands (FO) 2
Algeria (DZ) 2
Nepal (NP) 2
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ) 2
Kenya (KE) 2
Georgia (GE) 2
Guernsey (GG) 1
Panama (PA) 1
Bolivia (BO) 1
Papua New Guinea (PG) 1
Isle of Man (IM) 1
Suriname (SR) 1
Sri Lanka (LK) 1
Jamaica (JM) 1
Albania (AL) 1
Uzbekistan (UZ) 1
Bahrain (BH) 1
China (CN) 1
Kuwait (KW) 1
Iraq (IQ) 1
Malta (MT) 1
Tunisia (TN) 1
Andorra (AD) 1
Montenegro (ME) 1
Yemen (YE) 1
Martinique (MQ) 1
Burkina Faso (BF) 1
Guatemala (GT) 1
Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI) 1
Bermuda (BM) 1
Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA) 1
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) 1

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