Saturday, October 2, 2010

kulturnatta Friday 1th October 2010.

I was looking at the opening at Magasinsgatan, unlucky I think it was to light for the house wall show… But I like the idea, it’s great area and the idea fits in very well.
The item of this year was the body.
In a building close to the opening ceremony at Magasinsgatan it was a show with music that we dropped into, but I thought it was a little bite to slow for my taste so after one weeks work I was really longing for a beer or two.

Before beer and wine time with friends I was visit the café and show room at the Andra Långgatan, the Second Long Street, one of my favourite streets in Gothenburg close to my hoods. Two little birds and there Ida Andersson show ceramics.
I like the ceramic stories that she had built up and the punch lines at the floor was great in the art pieces. I’m not so good at clay, but I really really like this dark brown soft feeling that she had in most of the pieces at the gallery. I like the texture and the feeling of it, I want to touch it, but I didn’t.

Ida Andersson

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