Sunday, October 17, 2010

a Saturday afternoon walks…

It started with an afternoon walk in the public park, Slottsskogen with my neighbour and friend Charlotte and ending up at Hagabion, the people’s cinema in Linné, with a tasty meal and a beer… later on one more beer at another local pub close by. It’s nice when you don’t have some planes; just go with the flow with good company.

It was a lovely walk and it’s so nice to see and get inspired about the low autumn light and all the colours that the nature offer us right now, it’s yellow, green, red, brown and orange in an absolutely amazing mix. It has been colder now and the air is very very cold but also very high clear and fresh, you can smell the nature well these days and that is fantastic I think.

Even if I don’t do any jewellery these days (a little break from it right now), I got a lot of new inspiration and I think I am resting in the situation, meeting friends, go to work, exercise, taking care of my home and read a lot, drawing and just try to find balance in life. I wait for the right spot to start being creative again, to take my time with new energy and curiosity.

May be my energy and creativity is at my temporary work right now?! I am working with art together with people with intellectual disabilities.

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