Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mirela Srsa...

material: cotton, beans, thread, buttons
technique: sewing, embroidery, crochet
dimensions: 62x26.5x4 cm

Mirela Srsa
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Today I have a lot of things to do indoors and also by Internet, contacts and so on, but I doing everything else than the important things that I have thought to do…
Right now when my idea was to dust and clean up in my apartment, I am sitting and looking at internet to find interesting jewellery artist that I don’t know before and I find them… Mirela Srsa is one of them.
It’s as I have wrote before a lot of interesting and good jewellery artist that show their jewellery pieces by Internet and it’s like a gold mine of material, shapes and ideas.
It makes me want to do things by myself, but right now I’m in some kind of dip… I wonder for whom I’m doing my stuff, I wonder how I will move further with my things, find new places to show my stuff, where I will get the time to create and so on. I think and hope, even if it isn’t a good thought, that every creative person sometimes have to slow down and think about why, how and so on, I don’t think I’m special, but when it hits you, you get surprised, or at least I.
Right now I’m a little bite bad to take care of my time I think, I need to relax, get new energy and at the same time I need to see friends and be happy together with others, I need to work for money and I also need to be creative to survive mentally and I need time between to reflect of what I’m doing and experiment more with materials and I need to exercise so I don’t get a slow fat person in the end, I need to cook for dinner… It’s an equation that is hard to get together. I need to be a super woman that has to be my goal in my next life I think.

The conclusion is; I NEED MORE TIME!!!

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