Saturday, October 30, 2010

kulturlördag – culture Saturday…

Today I was at Konstepidemin with my friend Anita… A lovely culture Saturday, with a lot of interesting art and nice meetings…

I was lucky running into Märta Mattsson, I thought she was in Japan with Lisa Björke, but it was only their jewellery stuff that was there.
I learn to know Märta almost precisely one year ago when we was participant in the same workshop in Imatra, under the KORU3 week in Finland.
Märta is a friend of Alexander Blank there about the “running into situation”… Märta and Lisa will come to Gothenburg next weekend and I hope to see them booth then over a lunch or a fika, would be great to see and talk to them.

I meet a lot of other nice friend and colleges as well and when this opening weekends are in Konstepidemin it’s a little bite like a art party among colleges.

Konstepidemin, or Epidemic of Art houses studio space for more than 100 artists. Located in the former epidemic hospital is also galleries, a restaurant and more. See art events and happenings here in the blog.

Blå Huset t.o.m. 24.11
Ragnar Schmid
Konstnärlig utsmyckning - Björlandagården Torslanda
Blå Husets restaurang är öppen vernissagedagen och därefter vardagar 12 - 16.

One of many, in my eyes good restaurants in Gothenburg, nice owners and delicious “fika” and food.
Like this place and I can warmly recommend it, if you have your way by…

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