Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Open stage of Poetry at café Hängmattan in my hoods, a great Sunday evening with friends, breaded cheese and fried potatoes and tartar sauce… Yummy!

It’s a free stage for young and old, you can enter the stage and read some of your poems or sing a song or just take part as a listener … I don’t think everything was good, but that is not the point, the point is to let people speak from their heart, to try their wings on a stage and so on… I have to say that I faith on the younger generation they are so clever in many ways and they also have the anger and the energy, something that I lost on my way of getting older, even if I try my best to be open minded, curios about what’s going on around me, meet people and so on, my anger has replace by some kind of act of despair… constructive anger is better then act of despair I think and sometimes I miss the power of anger. I have to accept that I have lost the anger at some point in life.

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