Friday, October 16, 2009

“Whit needle and thread for a better world” by Elsa Agélii...

Yesterday at the theatre I meet Elsa Agélli and her son Per with his wife Karin, Karin who is an old room mate from a early collective living around 16 years back in time… It was nice to see them, it long time between our run into these days, even if we are living in Gothenburg and working in more or less the same field; art.

Word by Elsa Agélii…

Through all these years I have been working pedagogically with courses for children and adults and with further education for teachers in free / experimental embroidery. Quite a few of these courses I have held at Sätergläntan, college of handicrafts.
In the year 1993 The Täcklebo Academy of Embroidery was founded, after the course “Lilywhite hands and dusty fingers” which was held in my house and garden of Täcklebo.
BRAK is short for the Academy and it exists as a network for professional artists as well as “pleasure embroiderers”. We are now about 800 members in 26 different local groups all over the country. In these restless times with burn-out syndrome, war and greed, the free embroidery and creativity is, for many, a source of joy, peace and strength. A counter force! “Whit needle and thread for a better world”

Täcklebo 5th of august 2008-08-05 Elsa Agélii.

Photos and text from Elsa’s website;

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