Sunday, October 25, 2009

two master chefs!

Some photos of the good food that I was eating under my holiday at Formentera, Spain and some photos of lovely people I have the opportunity to meet, and I was spending my time with two fabulous good chefs, Montserrat and Agusti was really good cook a long chefs and they like to do it to.

I like the fresh Mediterranean food, it suites my body and mind very well, fresh vegetables, less fat and a lot of good fresh seafood. I also like the regularity, I’m not so good to create regularity in my everyday life, it is always something that comes between me and the food, but down there it was morning, evening and night dinners and also the fantastic siesta that we don’t have here up in the North. But we don’t have the heavy sun and heat at the middle of the day here either, so…

The once on the photos are; the young girl is Ona. The brother and sister are Joan and Antònia and then it’s of course Montserrat, Agusti and me.

Even if you can’t see it on the photos, I drank a lot of coffee down there and thank God that Agusti was a big coffee drinker to, I can’t be out coffee, so addicted to it.
Also one of my things that I really really need is fresh cold water; I always carry a small PET bottle with me in my bag.

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