Sunday, October 25, 2009

I can absolutely get use to this kind of life!

In the beginning of July I took the flight and the boat to visit Montserrat and her husband Agusti at the lovely island Formentera. Formentera is a small island outside Ibiza, so you have to take the boat from Barcelona or the flight to Ibiza first and then you take a smaller boat to Formentera, I choose the boat trip from Barcelona, just so I could have the Mediterranean feeling a little bite as a back flash of my younger days when I was out inter railing and also by boat in the Greece archipelagos more them 20 years ago.

Montserrat and I have becomes friend by our blogs, but then we have drawing our friendship further and e-mail each other and talking about life and important things in our surroundings… Montserrat invited me to visit them for some days and I had the time and the money, so I went to them for almost one week, a lovely week that I absolutely can get use too.

I can live at these memories now when it’s getting darker and colder here in Sweden and I’m so grateful for the invitation and that I have the opportunity to go away for awhile this summer.

As I hope you can see at all the photos, it was not a moment that was boring at all, it was new nice things every single time and it was in a good tempo, we take the day as it comes and that is something I like.

Some of the photos are from Montserrat…

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