Saturday, October 24, 2009


I meet Lorenzo Pepe in his and his wife’s shop at Formentera this summer… a nice meeting, a friendly guy and a good jewellery artist.

The photo at the stop, of the shop I get from Montserrat the one I visit in Formentera, these days a close friend that I meet in the blog space and who invited me to stay with her and her husband Agusti for a week in their summer paradise.

Drophius is Lorenzo Pepe, born in Milan (Italy) in 1969.

Formentera has been his home since 1997. In 2000 he started making jewellery, whose style -- far removed from passing trends -- is based on a formal, graphic study of the harmonies found in nature, particularly sea organisms, their structures, textures and symmetries. In his pieces he seeks an elemental, primordial elegance that make them timeless.

"drOphius es...
una visión inusual, abierta, curiosa
mirar con otros ojos las pequeñas cosas,
atreverse a lo intimo y natural."

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