Saturday, October 24, 2009

the summer feeling...

This summer in the first week of July I was invited to visit my blog friend Monterrat and her husband in their summer paradise, Formentera, a small island outside Ibiza in Spain.

I was absolutely in paradise and I love Montserrat and her husband Agusti, they treat me very very very well!
I love the shape of the island, the colour, the rocks, the Mediterranean, the smell, the food, the sun and all the lovely friends of Montserrat, I love the small green blue lizards and even the dead birds get a feeling of being in paradise for awhile.

I hope I can return some day… It was a really relaxing time with good swim, good food and the best of all, good company.

Thank you, thank you once again for invited me to your home and your lovely atmosphere!

I took around 3000 photos at this trip, as you can see I always have my camera with my and then I also got photos from Montserrat so in this post it is photos from us both, a mix of our photos.

I’m a maximalist so it was really hard to select some photos who will represent my absolutely lovely holiday down there in the sun.

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