Sunday, October 25, 2009

believe it or not, just a glint of our trip to Tallinn...

Tallinn, Estonia a trip with my family this summer, in July.

Our parents invited me and my sister and her two lovely children at a ferry trip to Tallinn, with spa hotel and a nice time together with the family.
A nice trip, lot of things to discover, to walk around and see and feel the atmosphere and to be together with the family for some days was great.

I had never been to Tallinn before and I have to say that the way to Tallinn by boat I was a little bite scared of the ocean, some years ago a terrible accident happen (28 09 1994) and I can still remember the trauma Sweden got into at that time.

Tallinn was a great city to be a tourist in, I like the building old and new mixed in a very clever way, new ways of building solutions that I haven’t seen before, interesting to walk around in the surroundings of the inner city of Tallinn and look at all the amazing solutions they had done… I like the old part of the city too, but I get more impressed about the new parts, old city’s have the more or less the same felling all over the world I think, the government want to keep the authentic part as authentic as possible it could be and I’m not sure that that always are interesting… It was absolutely a beautiful area but in the same time it feels a little bite like a tourist trap.

I’m more interesting of see who ordinary people are living, what they do in public art, how they take the tram or bus to work, what shops they use in very day life basic, what the fashion is like, what coming up on the cinemas and so on …
To find the spirit of Estonia or at least Tallinn and to be curios about ever day life… Now I don’t think that three days are enough for that, but you can always create a feeling of like or unlike a place, and I like Tallinn and hope I can come back some day, to look closer.
This was a start, an aperitif…

I know that I’m a photoholic, it’s so MUCH to take and save… This is, believe it or not, just a glint of our trip to Tallinn.

Some of the photos I got from my sister and some from my dad, we share our photos from this trip.

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