Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it would be nice to be two or more…

Just for the moment I try to figure it out how I will, can and want to work…
My brain is boiling and I try to get some structure in my life, in my creativity and so on.

I have so much to catch up and it’s hard to know where to start, so have patient and wait, I hope I will add some nice good post later on.

I started this autumn with cleaning up my attic, then I started with my small apartment and soon I think I have done it in a way that satisfied me, ready to start working with my own stuff in peace and harmony.
I have select, throwing away and give things away for charity…

The next thing on my doing list is to go to Kour3 and be a part of workshop, exhibition and listen to speeches, which I look forward very very much, just a week in creativity, meeting colleges and filled up with new experience.


Kerrie said...

Hi Paula

I share the same feeling. Maybe if there was more time in a day, that would be great too!
Best of luck to you this week. Inspiration is priceless.


paula lindblom said...

Thank you Kerrie!

Absolutely, some more hours could also be a solution.

Keep up the good work!

Just for the moment I´m just so irritated about my low skill to use the computer.

With love and thoughts Paula.

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

Hi Paula, i have the same situation, collecting, clasificating, and cleaning the space for beginning again or others things, for me it was time to thinks and imaginate but soon it will the the hour of dong an doing again, the way is the goal.

I want to read about the artists of KORU3 before we meet there, and learn more about them.

be pacient, the energy will transform in new things and reflexions i am sure.

best regards and see you soon