Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday sunny Sunday...

My biggest spring sign all categories is the tussilago - coltsfoot, I love when all this small suns are shining at me from the soil.

I go for life quality!

Premiere for an outdoor coffee!

Today my friend Agneta called me and asks if I want to take a walk… YES, it was a lovely walking weather and we decide to take a walk to Klippan and the steamboat café that I love.
If you have your ways to Gothenburg, I can warmly recommend you to visit the Klippan and Röda Sten area, it’s the waterfront of Gothenburg and it’s a great place to see the water, old Swedish wood boats and walk the waterline and look at other people, dogs and skater, take a coffee or a beer or both that we did today.

A great day!!!

Today, Sunday it’s Marie bebådelsedag and våffeldagen and it’s also time to turn the clock to summertime.

Marie bebådelsedag = Annunciation Day.

våffla= waffle.

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