Sunday, March 4, 2012

happy and inspired by the exhibition at the Nordic aquarelle museum…

My friend Kerstin and I have a great day in Skärhamn, first we had a cup of coffee at the museum and then we have a look at the outstanding exhibition, we get happy over all the colourful pieces that had been added in new and interesting stories/ context.

We had some time before the bus going back to Gothenburg, so we had a inspiration walk on the small beach close by the museum, inspirited by the exhibition we saw a lot of punk/junk that had been stocked on the beach and we saw the potential in it, we let our fantasy rule… we talk about to do some small workshop with friends, take the car to some beach later on this spring and see what we can come up with, to see all the waste that is in our nature an d use it for a day to get inspiration and new thoughts in our life’s… Great idea and I hope it will come true in the end.
The idea is to create from our own point of view with inspiration from Anu Tuominen, or as I as me working as a Pippi Longstocking,” you got what you find”… -det du hitter det får du.

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