Monday, March 12, 2012

Anders Jirås at 3e våningen...

At the end of Saturday we run into a great exhibition, it was photos from dances in Cambodia… I meet my friend and college Janina Kurp there by a coincident, sometime the life is strange, and this was a new place for me and it’s not so close to the city… but sometimes life have a meaning that you don’t always understand and could see the reason.
I also know that I have meet Anders Jirås long time ago in another place.

I spook to Lars Persson one of the two behind 3e våningen (the other one is his wife Gun Lund a well known choreograph here in Gothenburg and Sweden I think), and he told me about the place and how they was thinking about this large exhibition hall (or a tryout hall) and the dance performance/ dance scene/studio that they showed there, I hope I will have the opportunity to see some of the things in their program.

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