Sunday, March 25, 2012

the end...

The end, time to take it down and have my last cup of coffee for this time…

I got a copy of the guest book from the exhibition and I want to say THANK YOU very much, all the once that have visit my exhibition, and as I could see and read I believe that I reach my goal to make you all happy with my art.

It was one that has write that I was expansive, hm?! May be I am… But if you are thinking that I serve you with this, that I pay all the cost for the exhibition from my own pocket even the rent for the gallery space, then I don’t think I’m so expansive at all and IF I sell something I can tell it’s a bonus, because, even if I sell some of my jewellery pieces it ends up with a cup of coffee, not more not less… That’s the way to be an artist that burn for her art, a stupid artist that what to tell a story and made people think and act and may be feel good over her work.

I have a bread and butter work just so I don’t need to compromise with my art, to be main stream is not my goal.

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