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Anu Tuominen infront of one of her last pieces...

Anu Tuominen
At the Nordic aquarelle museum in Skärhamn.

Anu Tuominen (f.1961) förvandlar enkla, övergivna eller bortglömda bruksföremål, ofta funna på loppmarknader, till en finstämd konst. Hon samlar på saker, ordnar, sorterar och bearbetar dem för att upplösa deras ursprungliga funktion och skapa något oväntat av det välkända. Tingen får ett nytt liv när Tuominen staplar, radar eller hänger upp dem. Kärl, garn, knappar, vykort, pennor och dylikt komponeras i olika överraskande kombinationer. Färg och form blir till ett starkt visuellt språk där humor blandas med nostalgi. Anu Tuominen är en av de mest uppmärksammade konceptuella konstnärerna i Finland.

Probably the best exhibition this year ever!

I was at the Nordic aquarelle museum with my friend Kerstin yesterday; I got an invitation to go by bus for free to the opening of Anu Tuominen solo exhibition.

The weather was lovely spring sunny and my company was also very very nice, it was a time since we hang around just Kerstin and me, so it was a perfect day in many ways…

I have to say that I LOVE Anu Tuominen exhibition and I felt very very connected to it through my own way of working with my art pieces, to use flea market findings to tell“new” stories… I use the flea market stuff to tell about the consumer society and Anu use it to collect colours and build stories from and also to “save” things from the flea markets as mittens and socks and kettle holder things that in some year people (women) don’t know how to do, a handicraft that will be forgotten in some years/generations. The ideas are absolutely great and so worth considering, I have to recommend the exhibition to everyone, everyone can have an own entrance to this exhibition I think.
It could be an interesting thought to think about the past, the future and the way we are living right now… it open up a lot of question I think.

The opening speech by Bera Nordal was very very good and it explain the idea of using ready made in this way in a very good way I think, it’s so many times that I and others have heard; I could have done it “better”! But NO, you haven’t and IF you have done it, it could be you exhibit… But no again, it wasn’t you!

It take time to do this kind of art and it’s always son the edge to do this kind of art too, it’s hard to work with common things/pieces and increase to a art level, you need to have the time, the fantasy and a story to tell and a question to answered but also the skill to do it, the command to transform and add the pieces into another context.

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