Monday, May 23, 2011

vidöppet in Alingsås...

Britta Kleberg opens the exhibition with some word about the participants and so on…

The exhibition was great, I think that Britta Kleberg that act as some kind of curator for this exhibition had done a great work and present all participants in a good way.

Even if I have my doubts against the whole idea of the concept by selling things as a public market, I like the way it was present (may be not the price labels close to the art pieces) and I think its a little bite sad and a little bite strange that it has the shape of an Arts and Craftsman’s exhibition but is a shop in the end… But may be I miss the point somewhere?!

Ulf Celén gesticulates when he was talking warmly about his wood work… 15 years ago Ulf and I share the same workshop.

Here you can see the exhibition in many angles and close ups…

I have to say that some kind of disappointment hit me when I read this article about the coming up exhibition, first of all, the exhibitions main issue is a about colour and how to get people to get inspired by colour and dare to use more colour in their/our life’s.
I didn’t get the feeling of the right energy of this coming up exhibition in this article I think it was a little bite to short, absolutely to boring and not inspired all, BUT I hope that I have wrong and that people in Alingsås and close by are more positive and curios about what’s coming up and not as critical that I am right now… I have to wait and see… I cross my fingers for a good and a colourful interesting and joyful exhibition, I look forward to see all the other great Arts and Crafts artist and what they have come up with to this exhibition.

Sometimes I got the feeling of that we (artists) have to be happy that the news paper writes about art anyway, even if it’s not the best… The main word that has hit me the last days is; gratefulness, and then I can tell that I haven’t think about this word and sense in the most positive way… as an artist you should be grateful over that you have the possibility to show your art pieces even if you have to do it for free, IF you get publicity you would be happy, because it’s many many out there longing for publicity and the magazines and the news paper cut down on this post at their editorial staff.

I’m not sure what this exhibition is, is it an Art and Crafts market in an art hall? Or is it some kind of new idea to show Arts and Crafts???
The pieces are for sale at the “exhibition” and if you buy some of all the pieces you can take it with you at the same time, that leaves a whole or a empty space in the exhibition, an exhibition that have a contextually containment of unique art pieces, if you take some of it away you create a gap, a gap that could be hard to replace with some other piece…
In this exhibition the art hall have choose to add the price label behind the piece of art, it’s a very strange way of act I think, it’s more like a summer shop of exclusive Arts and Crafts and the meaning and idea and exclusivity of exhibition is replaces of a feeling of a public fair.

For you how don’t understand to read Swedish, I say, I’m sorry… But I can tell that in this article they didn’t mention jewellery art as one of the represented Arts and Crafts skills at all, among the 10 of the expositor we are 3 jewellery artists.
Ida Lindberg, Mona Wallström and me, Paula Lindblom.

May be this participant showed me something that I already have been thinking about, that my art isn’t handcraft, it’s more contemporary art, I don’t felt that my pieces and my ideas behind my pieces fit in to the Swedish Arts and Crafts world as I have as intention, I believe that I am more of a “free” artist that are more connected to the contemporary jewellery art that are growing in the rest of the world… In the future I may be have to take care about that feeling, that I say yes to exhibitions and places there my jewellery art get a “better” spot, there the art are in the “right” context.

The last strange and very peculiar act from the once that arrange this exhibition is that we got the opening cards and a flyer when the exhibition opens at Saturday… WHY??? Isn’t the point that you invite and spread the vision of a coming up exhibition before the opening???

Or may be the very last thing in this story… We who participants don’t get and payment for this, that is the very last strange thing, I know when I was saying yes to be a part of this exhibition that that was the case, but I have to thought about it and tell you about it anyway, I know what I was doing, yes, I did. BUT even if I know it, is it right to treat artist like that?! Without artist no art hall or no staff, no museum head or what ever…
This question would be great to have in some debate on a wider line, how the art halls, museum, galleries and the whole society and politics treat us artist, they or you all need us, but you don’t want to pay for our exist and the art pieces we create.
I think that the debate would be hold in a higher level, as a single artist you are nobody… I think this have to be some kind of collective issue in the end, which we get together and become united of what is likely or not.

Finally I have to say that I hope you understand what I try to say and express by words, English is as you know not my strongest language, but I try as hard as I can to use it in a more or less right way.


Joanne Haywood said...

Congratulations on your works! Thanks for sharing all the images, was good to see them.

Kram kram

paula lindblom said...

Thank you Joanne!

Thank you for adding it at your blog too.

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula