Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mikiko Minewaki...

Mikiko Minewaki, japanese jewellery artist shows collection "Kids' room" (until 29.5)

Mikiko says about her work:
"I was born in the countryside. Every day I picked flowers from the fields and made necklaces from them. This is the source of my work.
One day I found that these natural forms were hidden in plastic products. The material which I cut first was a plastic capsule for small toy and its color was translucent-red."
I meet Mikiko Minewaki when I was in Tokyo 2000 for exhibition and workshop.

Number 27 is mine!
Today I bought a brooch made by Mikiko Minewaki, now I have to wait for the exhibition to end, so I can pick it up and wear it. I will be a proud owner of this piece.

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