Monday, May 2, 2011

Jewelry from Found Objects...

Finally the book arrives by mail.
The last publication I’m in…

Jewelry from Found Objects
By Heather Skowood

At internet you can see it more clearly…


Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

nice to see you in this book Paula
I love the picture and the text also, and congratulations for your new pieces,;)

best for you


paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Marta!

Nice to see you part in the book as well! I like the images of the beach necklace and I hope other also find it interesting and beautiful, for me your image is like lyrics.

Thank you for supporting me in my new pieces, I felt satisfied even if I want to do more and develop it into something more… But the time is against me this time, but I finally got 10 pieces for the coming up exhibition.

Take care my friend and enjoy life!

Keep in touch!

Kramkram Paula.

montserrat lacomba said...

Congratulations Paula!!!

paula lindblom said...

Thank you Montserrat!

Joanne Haywood said...

Nice one!
Jo x