Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mikiko Minewaki...

Here at the great jewellery site Klimt02 you can find more colourful, playful jewellery made by Mikiko Minewaki

I felt some kind of connection with my own way of thinking and working with my own pieces when I see Mikiko´s jewellery pieces and read her statement.

Mikiko Minewaki statement

my idea come from.......

Anything hides a good form. I am making my pieces by the work of cutting off plastic goods.

Any object by being pieced can become wearable.
Things previously without connection to the body can become wearable to it by this simple operation.
I was born in the countryside of Japan.
Every day I picked flowers and leaves from the fields and made jewellery- necklaces, rings, crowns- from them.
This feeling is the source of my pieces.

One day I found the natural forms were hidden in plastic products.
So I started to pick the parts from my daily objects, and I keep searching for new forms in my everyday things.

It is happy to me if you could enjoy such a point of view when you saw my pieces.

Now,I have a pen with my hand but when we see it the next time, it may be a neck chains!

Ring: Lighter's 2001
Disposable lighters
3 x 2,5 cm

Necklace: Plachain 2004
25 x 25 cm

Here is my own statement;

Creative process - statement

I experience colour and form in most things around me. Inspiration is everywhere, a meeting, a form, a feeling, a reflection, a motion and a text. Nothing is too small and insignificant to be important, everything has a meaning…I am curious about life!

Contemporary innovative jewellery.

I make unique sculptural pieces, that when not seen on the body can be appreciated as sculpture, in your home, hung in the window or placed on a shelf, everything is possible; it’s just your imagination that draws the line.

My main focus for material is often found in my surroundings, at home, walking in nature and at flea markets.
For me it is vitally important to give a piece a “new” value, not just choosing a “conventional” material. I like to take these common place materials and move them into a jewellery context.

I want the original material and its shape to be recognisable, firstly appearing as a piece of jewellery, but with a closer look to reveal things about everyday life.
I’m interested in how the objects I create interacts with the human body and how it is read and exists when it’s not connected to the body, a separate piece without a back or a front, it could be either.

I like the scale that jewellery allows me to work in. Fitting closely to the body, we can use the human form as a mobile showcase to tell a story, show a statement, feel beautiful or special, or as some kind of trademark for our life’s, our everyday existence.

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