Sunday, May 15, 2011

embrace by a hippo… sun and folk festival…

Yesterday, a nice and funny day with my friends Anita and Therese…

Saturday in Gothenburg city, a lot of things was going on, first it was a fair trade city day, Gothenburg have applied for being an environmental certification city and yesterday it happen. I’m proud to be a member of the city when they taking care of the environmental… But some other things in this city could be much better…as the public transport and the way the companies handle (västtrafik) the people that travels by free/no tickets passages… also the music in our streets and the public art in our public spaces could been better and more tolerant for this kind of spontaneous happenings, I think.

Yesterday was the day before the recall election here in the west of Sweden, in the main election 2010 something went wrong and today, Sunday we have to walk back to the ballot box… Hopefully this election will have a better result for people as me this time, I hope for a result too the left this time. The city crawl of long-distance politician, the policing was massive this day. I view some of them, most from the right wing and they I don’t like at all and yesterday I wish I had some rotten tomatoes in my bag, so I could throw them at the representing from the SD, Sverige demokraterna/Sweden Democrats, they are evil people every one of them and it’s a shame that the walk our streets.
I think we have to be wear of where the society is going with this kind of thoughts and acting that this evil people stands for, whey do they get votes in the end???

The nice things this day were that we discover new nice shops and coffee bars… I got a feeling of Camden in London meets my favourites areas in Copenhagen and that we got a new interesting and cosy place in the middle of Gothenburg city. I can recommend this area, take a walk and sit down and have a cup of coffee or buy a beautiful flower or what ever, “just be” is a good advice…

I bought a seahorse in porcelain, I am a big fan of seahorses and I see them as some kind of totem.

All the shops in the inner city had moved out into the streets and it was a lovely atmosphere with a lot of people all over the place.

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