Sunday, May 1, 2011

spring sign and a happy Easter...

Spring sign and a happy Easter, I took some day off and went to my parents in Sundsvall / Alnö, in the north of Sweden.
It was great to relax in the spring or almost summer sun for some days…
I absolutely need it!

Now I’m back on track and filled up with new energy.

Here are some pics of spring flowers and views from my old hoods, Alnö…
Even a line of crane navigates over our heads that is a real nice spring sign I think. I love the spring cranes and when you see the lapwing at the farming lands, you know that the spring is here to stay.
I love to pick spring flowers and I love to see them close to the verge, I love the colour and the new that they bring with them after a looooong cold and often grey winter.
Coltsfoot is my absolutely favourite spring flower or as in Swedish tussilago.

And is there some thing more fantastic then to barbeque outdoors?!
The taste and the smell, it’s sooooooooo great.

Blueberry pancake is something that I really like and my mother made it for me…
Lucky me!

We also celebrate my little sisters 42 anniversary, she had her birthday at the 11 of April, so some day later we eat a delicious chocolate cake that my mother made, my mother is a great chef.

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