Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Per Oscarsson... one time our way cross...

The year 2010 ending in a tragedy for one of my favourite Swedish actors Per Oscarsson and his wife, they died in a house fire the night before the New Years Eve… 31of December.
(Skådespelaren Per Oscarsson, 83 och hustrun Kia Östling, 67, dog i branden natten till nyårsafton.)

Sometimes your ways are crossing someone else way, 1989 I meet Per Oscarsson at Angerds Teatern here in Gothenburg, he had invited me and my friend personally to the play "En handelsresandes död / Death of a Salesman " by Arthur Miller, Per Oscarsson play the character Loman in the play.

My friend had met Per Oscarsson on the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg and they started to talk and one thing lead to another and swish, I was apart of the story too… For me this was a great meeting I had admire Per Oscarsson for a long time and to me him and shake his hand and see he act was big, I admire him after this meeting too and I think he was and is a great actor, one of the biggest in Sweden in fact, that’s my opinion.

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