Saturday, January 29, 2011

wow! Pepperminta by Pipilotti Rist at GIFF…

Today I saw the Pipilotti Rist film Pepperminta at Gothenburg Film Festival, a lovely colourful and energy kicked film, it was like some kind of vitamin injection this grey January. It was (as always when it comes to Pipilotti Rist works) inspirited, colourful, funny and thoughtful.

I have to recommend it, IF you have the opportunity to see it, do it!

I want to see it again and again, it was so many things to look at, so I know for sure that I miss a lot of all the nice, playful and absolutely lovely interiors. Pipiplotti Rist is a true maximalist I think.

Here you can see parts of it and also hear Pipilotti Rist lecture about her work.
It took her 4 years to do this film…

Here is the trailer


Hilary Pfeifer said...

Thank you so much for posting this info! I love her work and am going to need to figure out where to see this movie!

paula lindblom said...

Hi Hilary!

Good luck! I hope you find the place that show this because it was and is amazing and if you already like Pipilotti Rist I know you will like this too.

With love and thoughts, Paula.