Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the sun has return very very slowly…

This pic is from Monday the 14 of February, the Valentines Day.
In the morning I wake up and saw that my cactus blossom, just one single red flower on the whole plant and down town on my way to work this amazing sun was shining in the windows in some office downtown, a beautiful start at the day. I got the feeling that life was smiling with me and it was a great feeling.


I get this link from my friend Montserrat, I hope you take your time and look by yourself; it was an interesting work with photos by Irina Wering,
I wonder how many times I have thinking that thought of – what happen between, form then to now?
Here is the question very clear, but not the answer… It then and it’s now BUT not the time between it’s for the viewer to thought about some kind of answer or coming up with some own story.

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