Saturday, February 19, 2011

a gift...

By the mailman, from my friends and college Joanne Haywood in Kent UK.

Yesterday when I come home from work a package was waiting for me inside my door.
It was a cookbook from Hawkhurst from the part where Joanne lives, nice thought and a good way of taking part, to see how it looks and that the food tradition is a strong part of the village and the Kent/Sussex surroundings. I also get a postcard with a Puffin/ Lunnefågel.

Joanne has also send me some chillies, it was a nice little package as the once you have safety matches in, the idea and the shape of the package was the same, a great idea to present a product I think. I like to sow and see things grow, so this will be a small project closer to the spring. F I have luck with it, I can have my own Serrano chillies from Mexico, travel from UK to Sweden in later summertime.

I always get deeply touched over my friends that are thinking of me in the right time, my week has be hard and I have taking some personal decision to go further with some things, so the thing I needed was a thought and there it was in a shape of a letter from a friend, thinking of me. Sometimes you get sign from someone and it’s always nice.

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Joanne Haywood said...

You are welcome Paula!

Hope you get to see it in real life later in the year!

Kram kram
Jo x