Saturday, February 19, 2011

for short, a fantastic day in good company…

This Haiku place gets 4 lighthouses in Göteborgs Posten 25/2 2011, the local newspaper, I can’t understand it… it’s 4 of 5 lighthouses, the place is among the second best by restaurants in Gothenburg and I understand how they were thinking… I have been to much better sushi places, cleaner and better prices too.

I spend my day with my friend Anita, first we visit the flea market; Holmens and did some findings after that we went to a sushi bar that I read about yesterday in the newspaper, I have to say that I get a little bite disappointed, first my idea was that it would to get back in time, to the time when I was visit Tokyo (2000) and eat in this kind of places with a chef in the middle and the food spinning around at a rolling hoop, the concept was more or less the same, but it was miles away from Japan I can tell, it was not fresh and it was not as good and fresh that sushi should be, I think… BUT now I have tried it and that’s it.

Then we ended up at a confectionery with old ancestry, drinking coffee and eating a lovely princess cake/prinsesstårta, talking and joking about that this will be our everyday life when we get older.

The sun has shine and it has been a wonderful Saturday, worth remembers as one of the days with life quality.

Down at this post you can see some of my findings; it was a porcelain animal, a pin of målarsmurfen/ the painting smurf, some metal horses that I will have in some jewellery later on, a glass with the characters Obelix and Asterix on. And a vase that I thought had the right size for my small apartment to have coltsfoot in, in springtime and some plastic flowers that I will cut to pieces and use in my jewellery.

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