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Julie Nord - xenoglossy...

art and coffee fits very well together, I think...

Julie Nord and Bera Nordal, the opening speech...
I was invited to go by bus for free together with a friend to the Nordic aquarelle museum to Julie Nord opening in Skärhamn, Tjörn.
I went with my neighbour Charlotte on a bus trip for the day, it was a great trip with very interesting art, for me it got a lot of Demark this week, first a trip to Louisiana, Denmark and now a artist from Denmark in Sweden…

It was a really cold day and I have never earlier before in my life seeing this kind of ice layer in the nature and the roads was totally covered by ice… It was beautiful and cold, in some way I think the ice fits well together with Julie Nords paintings and drawings, some objects outdoors turn into monsters with the ice drops hanging from them, as sharp teeth’s… the exhibition was like looking into a kaleidoscope, you saw a lot of things and you think you saw the whole, but in some how you don’t saw everything… a strange feeling of being in some other dimension.

Julie Nord

27 February - 1 May 2011
Nordic Watercolour Museum, Sweden

Julie Nord's largest solo exhibition so far. The word xenoglossy describes an occult language phenomenon. Here people in a trance-like condition are speaking a language they do not know. You are invited to a peculiar home where nothing is as normal...
The exhibition including new and previous works has also been shown at ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, DK, August - November 2010.
Read more at Nordic Watercolour Museum web
Watch shortfilm about the exhibition

1970 born in Copenhagen, Denmark
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

1994 – 2001 The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts. Copenhagen.

The Marie Mansson grant
D. C. A . travel grant
The Blix Foundation
The Danish Counsil of Visual Art
Solo Exhibitions

2007 (upcoming)
Solo show at Houldsworth Gallery, London
Solo show at moti hasson gallery, New York
Solo show at MOGADISHNI, Denmark
The Cycle, la Caixa foundation (La Caixa), Spain (curated by Cira and Chris Gilbert)

From Wonderland with love. ARoS-Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark
“Apparitions”, the leisure club MOGADISHNI. Copenhagen

The Crossroad movie. The Cinema Byens Lys. With Gunvor Vibe-Petersen, DK

Stella 3. Gallery Campbell’s Occasionally. Dk.

Commitional work (permanent decoration) Danish technical University, DK
Group Exhibitions

“Girlpower & boyhood”:
August 5th : Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Ireland
October 14th : Brandts Klaedefabrik, Odense, Denmark
September, 2006
Malmo Kunsthal, Sweden
Forever Young Land: January 7 – March 5, 2006 Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
Twinkling Stars: January 7 – February 17, 2006 Bund 18 Creative Center, Shanghai
Ultra New Vision of Contemporary Art, May 18 – July 9, 2006 Singapore Art Museum
(With Rasmus Bjorn (DK) and Trine Boesen (DK).)
Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, Denmark
NADA, New Art Dealers Alliance, Miami, (MOGADISHNI)
Blindarte contemporanea Napoli, Italy, December, 2005
FAIRY TALES FOREVER, ARoS-Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark
Vestsjaellands Art Museum
Kunsthaus Baselland
The Twilife. Caren Golden Fine Arts. New York
Forum Artfair. The Collection of Leif Djurhus. Cph. Dk
Vista Point. Moestingshus. Cph. Dk.
Scope London
DRAWING’S, spring 2004. Kopenhagen showroom. Cph. Dk
Agenzia04, Bologna/Italy
Artissima, Torino, Italy
”Petting Zoo” Miami/USA
The Bison Caravan, AroS, Arhus Artmuseum, Denmark
Group Show, the leisure club MOGADISHNI
Som modlys og andre overvindelige forhindringer, Bornholms Kunsthal

“ Daniel Silverstein Gallery, New York
An Offer You Can`t Refuse”, the leisure club MOGADISHNI
Art Miami, Miami Beach (the leisure club MOGADISHNI)
BISON CARAVAN. Aarhus Artmuseum
New Aquisitions, Arken - Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Artissima, Torino/Italy (MOGADISHNI)

Cop-Kop. Gallery Asbaek. Dk.
International Woman’s Art Festival. Aleppo. Syria.
Alibi. Den Frie. Dk.

From Exit 2000. Birkeroed society of Fine Art. Dk.
Golf. Summer exhibition. Gallery Mikael Andersen. Dk.
Gallery Asbaek. Dk.

Exit 2000. Gl. Strand Society of Fine Art. Dk.
10 /10. Miniature exhibition. Temp Gallery. Bergen. Norway.

Private Parts. The National Museum of Fine Art. With Gunvor Vibe-Petersen
Spring Exhibition. Charlottenborg. Dk.
Absolute vacation. Gallery Soeren Houmand. Dk.
Forum Art Fair. Represented by Gallery Soeren Houmann. DK.

Boomerang. Nikolai church Exhibition hall. With Gunvor Vibe-Petersen
Presentation of Short-videos. Roskilde Festival. With Gunvor Vibe-Petersen, DK

Beach Party. Frederiksholms Kanal. The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts,

Beer to the bums. Radskaelderen. Charlottenborg. Dk.

Hey Jytte. Radskaelderen. Charlottenborg. Dk.
Chewing gum. Hotel Inter. Istanbul. Turkey.

Autumn Exhibition. Den Frie .Dk.
Albertslund society of art. Dk.

AROS, Aarhus Art museum, Denmark
21C Museum, Kentucky, US
The National Gallery, Denmark
Arken, Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Vejle Art museum, Denmark

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