Monday, May 10, 2010

working place – working process…

To do creative things, it’s necessary to have a space to work in… I’m using my kitchen as my workshop and even if I live in a small apartment, I think it’s a good solution, I create in chaos, but that gives me more ideas, things pop up and started processes under the time I working with a piece… I also use my computer to connect with people, to do changes with some of my images, I use the computer as a tool to get further but also as a tool for important stuff as doing opening cards, press release texts and so on…
If you work as an artist it so many things that you need to do and handle by yourself, some of it is about to having control over your own work and process but the other is that you can’t afford to pay some one to do things for you, you have to relay on your own possibilities.

Here are some photos where I stand right now, today… around two weeks before my solo exhibition in my hometown Sundsvall.

It’s about the space, the ideas and also sketches of how I will take some photos with model later on… the chaotic working space where things happen.

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