Monday, May 17, 2010

to my grandfather with love...

I dedicate this undone piece to my grandfather who in this hours struggle with the death.

I get a phone call from my mother today and she told me that the life is on the last chorus, my wish has been to see my grandfather once again before him past away, but the life didn’t want that to happen… I wish him a nice and painless journey to meet my grandmother after around 25 years been separate from each other.

I know that my grandfather has lived a good life and that he has been more or less in good condition for 94 years, so now it’s time to walk further… I also know that this is his wish.
I love and will always remember him.

Right now many thoughts going tow my mind, I have to get finish with my things for the exhibition in Sundsvall but right know I have all my thoughts and energy with my grandfather, the life stops up when you have to deal with facts...
What is necessary? How do you want to live your life?

To be remained of your own mortality… all the existential questions about life...

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montserrat lacomba said...

Dear Paula,

We have to prepare ourselves for the death.
Kramkram Montserrat