Friday, May 7, 2010

an absolutely great evening with friends and colleges here in Gothenburg…

Wednesday the 5th of May -18.00 at Konstepidemin Norman Weber speeches about his work, work from the start until today, very interesting and personally I got a lot of new energy for my own pieces…
Look forward to see his show at gallery Hnoss who open tomorrow, Saturday the7th of May.
Norman Weber is that man at the top of the post.

Afterward we were some that took a beer at Gyllene Prag, just down the hill from Konstepidemin… Jacob Nyberg was showing some of his paintings there, so we decide that it was a great idea to go there and have a look and a lovely spring beer in spontaneity and simplicity and with good friends company.

It was, Jacob Nyberg, Janina Kurp, Serena Holm + Serenas boyfriend (ops, forgot his name), Åsa Christensson, Özay Emert and I at Gyllene Prag.

Thank you all, it was a GREAT evening in good company.

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