Saturday, May 15, 2010

just a thought - isn’t this to go a little bit too far?

This has nothing to do with jewellery, but may be the way to create them… to reflect at the society, to ask questions and work with the questions that show up.

This is something I don’t understand and in some how it occupied my mind, WHY do the companies want to create a deodorant that will protect you for 48 hours???

Am I the only one in the Nordic Europe who is thinking about this and how strange the promotion of this product is??? It feels that the company want to sell it out to us with the highest number they could use, it’s the same when companies use; started 100 years ago, or sometimes more… as it would be a better company or shop when the have all the years to lean on… I think that we as consumer in an over consumer society have to stop sometimes and ask our self, why and what am I buying and what do the company do to get me buying it.

I could understand if this was some product that wants to be selling out in some desert or some kind of water free area, or having with you on a long journey… But in the modern west, where we have water, we can take a shower or use a fresh wet wipe when ever we want and to be clean in our society is like a religion these days, which is waiting up to 48 hours to clean them self under the arms???
In my world I will never wait for cleaning me up until 48 hours, 12 hours may be and that’s also a very long time, and then I’m not dirty, just a feeling of not being so fresh any more…
I’m absolutely a product of the society I live in, but also I have my limits…

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