Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday without sun...

A Sunday meeting with my friend Ingela and her lovely baby daughter Luna, we took a fika at Röda Sten, unlucky they had change owners and rebuilt the place and for me the soul was lost… to many squares for my taste, the only thing who was good was that they had open up for some windows.

I love the area of Röda Sten and as I have written many times before, I hope the city will keep it the way it is, ruff and for people to do what they want in/with the area.

I love the graffiti it’s a good spot for the rest of Gothenburg, to show creativity among young people.

Some new sculpture had been placed in the water a little bit further from the famous red stone in the same area… I don’t know the artist and I couldn’t find any name at the place…
I like it… In Swedish I had said; ”det du inte har I huvudet får du ha i benen…”

A great day, even if it was both cold and a little bit rain in the air, but with good friends everything is possible.

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