Wednesday, May 12, 2010

faith…walking the right way...

Faith… today I’m so grateful for my friends and fellow jeweller Joanne Haywood and Janina Kurp…

Joanne post this nice lines who absolutely made my day and week, I get really touch when I read it, it was the nicest word I really needed at the time like this.
Thank you Joanne!
I’m also very grateful over the post of the invitation.

“My good friend and fellow Jeweller Paula Lindblom is showing new works at an exhibition in her hometown of Sunsvall. I wish I could be there to see it in real life! Paula's work is smart, funny and always made with integrity, shown in her ideas and materials.”

Janina Kurp visits me and had a look at all of my things, before the coming up exhibition, and she like it too.

A fika in my living room…


Thea Clark said...

It is so encouraging to get unexpected support from someone you admire. Good luck with your show, I hope you'll post some pictures too.

montserrat lacomba said...

You are very inspired Paula and I'm sure you have a big success with the exhibition!
Good luck!
Kramkram Montserrat

paula lindblom said...

Thank you Thea and Montserrat!

Thank you for your comments!

I have get more support by e-mail too and I’m so GRATEFUL for all the once who wish me good luck and believed that I doing interesting pieces.

I think it’s the process, to doubt of what I’m doing… the next two step will be to present the jewellery pieces in the exhibition and the I know that I will be tired into cry, when everything is over…
I know the steps in the process, but ever time it feels the same, the same happiness, the same curiosity, the same doubt and the same exiting and finally the same tiredness.
Sometimes I wonder what makes me do all this things… But in the end the answer always been; I feel good with having this kind of life and create what I want and need to do.

Take care my good friends and keep up the good work.

Kramkram Paula.

Joanne Haywood said...

Hi Paula,

Am pleased you liked the comments!

Am enjoying seeing the new pieces on your posts!

Jo xxx