Friday, May 7, 2010

Ottmar Höerl...

I found the artist Ottmar Höerl when I was surfing at the internet, looking about art in different directions, I couldn’t help falling for this sculptures of gnomes/plastic garden dwarves, they disturb me and the didn’t leave me, I have been thinking about them since I saw them at the first time, for me that is great art, when you remember and get touch in some unpleased way… I don’t like the gnomes but in some way I do, even IF I don’t want to like them, I’m totally confused about the garden gnomes and I know that it is a liberation action for garden gnomes and that they have been used in the art many times, that they are used in design and also in music movies and in films, as Amelie från Montmartre (2001).

I don’t know it it’s a little bite heavy to use the garden gnomes in this special positions, but in some how it makes fun about the past, and some times may be we need to use strong symbols and less strong symbols to get a new strange context?!

BUT take a look at Ottmar Höerl´s web site, it’s more interesting and also very cute sculptures there…

A garden gnome has landed a German …

'I’m astonished that a single garden gnome, in what is for me an obscure gallery
in Nuremberg, has unleashed such a public discussion because of an anonymous
denunciation by someone,' mr Hoerl said.

This is not the first time the gnomes have been displayed. Last year hundreds of the gnomes
went on show in the Belgian city of gent in an exhibition called 'dance with the devil'.”

At the website you can find colourful garden objects in mass productions, soooooooo good, I think.

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